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The Hector Lassiter competition

February 20, 2015


Dear Readers,

To mark our new edition of Craig McDonald’s Edgar & Anthony Awards-nominated debut novel HEAD GAMES—the book that launched the Hector Lassiter series—we are running a competition in which the first three participants to give a correct answer will win two Hector Lassiter e-books of their choice.

According to British novelist Ford Madox Ford, whose acquaintance you can make in One True Sentence, the  most revealing place in a novel is page 99. Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian academic, suggested that page 69 was a good place to get a solid sense of a book.

We’re taking a leaf out of the one-page concept and asking you to read an excerpt from the page 69 of each of seven Hector Lassiter novels and tell us in which it can be found.

The novels we’ve published to-date include One True Sentence, Forever’s Just Pretend, Toros & Torsos, The Great Pretender, Roll the Credits, The Running Kind, and Head Games.

The competition starts on the 24th of February. 

We will post one excerpt per day for seven days and you will have until the 15th of March, midnight EST, to email your answers to


We look forward to hearing from you!

Lassiter 7 covers-page-001


Hector Lassiter Competition Day 1

Hector Lassiter Competition Day 2 

Hector Lassiter Competition Day 3

Hector Lassiter Competition Day 4

Hector Lassiter Competition Day 5

Hector Lassiter Competition Day 6

Hector Lassiter Competition Day 7









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