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Today: Sam Hawken’s choice

January 3, 2015



The book I read the most often might not necessarily be my favorite book, but it is the book which speaks to me the most: No Country for Old Men, by Cormac McCarthy.  When I first read the book in 2005, I knew I’d found the key to unlocking my own voice in writing.  Up until that point I’d been floundering around trying to figure out who I was on paper, but the clarity and purpose of McCarthy’s writing in No Country was so compelling that I just knew with an absolute certainty what I needed to write and how I needed to write it.

After that time I have come back to the book at least once a year to recharge my batteries.  I won’t say it’s a new experience every time, as I know the book very well by now, but I will say that it never fails to set me on my way again whenever I feel myself faltering.  And that’s more than enough to ask from any book.


Sam Hawken is the author of LA FRONTERA

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