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A poem by Colin O’Sullivan – From A Bunch

October 11, 2014


Colin O' Sullivan

I wrote two poems about budgies yesterday but somehow managed to accidentally delete them both. The poems were about how I’m not, repeat not, having a nervous breakdown. Although after losing both files I may rethink the whole not having a nervous breakdown thing…

There was a time when I wrote happy romantic little ditties. Like the one below, called From a Bunch.

In the meantime I’ll try and retrieve the poems (about the angry and obsessed budgies) from the bowels of the computer (both birds were called Franz) and also locate a poem I wrote on a napkin last week called Dead Flies. Psychiatrist’s couch here I come!

(Too much time listening to Swans, methinks)

Every little flower

and every myth




daisy daisy

soon I will

tread among the weeds

and pick someone like you.

For a  riveting novel about music and  people’s secrets and relationships and drama…

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